I`m specialiced on web, print, art, logo, creative design & illustration

"I gonna make you look sooo greate!"

Yah! What about me?!

Hello. I`m Björg Helene Eggen, a graphic designer and artist based in Stockholm Sweden. I`m super creative...


Print Packaging

I see every project as an opportunity to do something new and interesting. Whether 
I´m designing a brochure, catalog or retail packaging, I make your brand memorable.

"I love branding."

Branding is my specialty. There's nothing more exciting to me than conceiving a brand from a blank slate. Or wiping that slate clean and starting fresh.

Why you need a logo.

- Become more visible.

- Increases the profitability of the enterprise.

- Professional impression.

- Good first impression with the customer.

- Visual identity.

It is important to use the same company logo on clothing. vehicles, products, signs, business cards, letterhead, etc. to have a company profile with a unique expression. This is a huge competitive advantage in your contact with both potential and existing customers.

"I only like it if it`s brand new."

This is what I do!

I help companies like yours whit
strategic thinking, brand building,
advertising, creativedesign and marketing communications.
A good logo is:
  • Descriptive
  • Simple in form
  • Easy to remember
  • Work in color and black and white
  • Can be used in all sizes



Your website is a direct reflection of your company and how the world sees you. We craft beautiful, highly functional websites that make a lasting impression. We design sites that are flexible enough to fit your current needs and grow with your future goals in mind.


"Have your logo on everything."


Make an impression.


Hello. What can I help with?

llo there little homie!
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I`m: Björg Helene Eggen
Call me: +46 (0) 72 202 81 00
Skype me: designadet
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